Sunday, May 8, 2011


For all of you that are new to saving with coupons or want to brush up on your skills.  I found this great book from live well spend less.  It has great things in it!! 

 1. How to start

2. Your first shopping list

3. Mastering the store

4. Building your stockpile

5. Walgreens

6. CVS

7. Rite-Aid

8. Taking it to the next level

Just CLICK HERE to download your free copy!!

Just the beginning!!

First off
to all the beautiful moms today! 
I have decided to start blogging on all the amazing savings that are available to all of us all over the Internet.  Every day I browse threw the Internet to find deals and I am amazed on what i have been missing all these years.
Growing up my mother always taught me to use coupons to save on groceries.  When i moved out I shopped at the local grocery store with my coupons in hand and saved a bunch!  (thanks mom)
Now 3 kids later and for years I did not use coupons for many reasons that I can't even list.  
A month ago i started using coupons and now i am thinking why did I even stop.  There are even more ways to save than there was 15 years ago its AMAZING!!
Now i am getting free item in the mail and lots of ways to get items at local stores for free.

I would love to have you join me on my quest for free and great discounted items !!

Let the saving begin!!!!!